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Educator Survey on Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Youth at School

People at gay pride parade hold up a giant rainbow flag

OSSTF/FEESO received a request for assistance to disseminate an educator survey on Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Youth at School: Policy and Practice from Western University.

Dr.Wayne Martino, Principal Investigator/Professor, Western University and Wendy Cumming-Potvin, Associate Professor, Murdoch University, are conducting research into supporting youth of diverse gender identities and expressions including (transgender and gender non-conforming youth in schools), and more broadly, trans-affirmative education. They are interested in learning more about inclusive gender diversity and trans-affirmative educational policies and practices in Canadian, American, and Australian schools. The research is also concerned specifically to build knowledge and understanding about trans affirmative classroom resources and curriculum.

As part of this project, they are inviting OSSTF/FEESO members who are teachers or occasional teachers to participate in a short and anonymous survey that will gather information about their knowledge and understandings about trans-inclusion, gender diversity, and understanding of trans and gender-diverse terminology. In addition, this survey will collect demographic information, including gender, racial/cultural/ethnic identification, age, sexual identity, current position, and subjects/grade levels taught.

Participation in this survey is voluntary. Interested members can access the survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/H57TM7F. The survey will close on November 1, 2019.

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