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Education Forum is a progressive voice on public education and on all issues affecting those that work in public education. Our print magazine is published three times a year (Fall, Winter and Spring) and reaches over 60,000 public education workers in Ontario as well as numerous stakeholders who influence public education.

We are always looking for interesting pitches and interested writers to help us find and publish engaging and informative (previously unpublished) stories for our readers.

Writing for our print magazine:

All story pitches for our print magazine are vetted by our editorial board before they can be approved. The board only meets once every four months, so it may take a while to hear back. We publish three types of pieces in our print magazine:

  • Features – These are long form pieces 1800-2000 words in length (half if we decide to translate it). Features go into some depth on the topic and sometimes become the cover story. We pay $500 for a feature.
  • Articles – These are shorter and denser pieces 1000-1200 words in length (half if we decide to translate). We pay $300 for an article.
  • Resource Reviews – Reviews of books, films, and all other resources that are relevant to those working in public education are 250-300 words in length. We pay $100 for a review. Note: we do not accept reviews from authors or publishers of their own work. If you have a resource that you want reviewed, please ship us a copy for consideration.

All print pieces also appear in our online publication Education-Forum.ca.

Writing for our online publication:

We get more good pitches and articles than we have room for in our print magazine, so we accept some for online publication only. We generally look for articles that are 500-1000 words in length and pay a flat rate of $200 for online-only articles.