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Speaker Bank Applications

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The Provincial Executive is seeking applications from members to fill openings on the OSSTF/FEESO Parliamentary Speaker Bank.

Members of the Parliamentary Speaker Bank can be enlisted to assist with the chairing of provincial meetings such as Provincial Council and AMPA. They can also be requested to assist in the chairing of local AGMs and other important meetings.

Duties include: preparing for meetings as assigned, when required to travel within the province to chair meetings, chairing meetings in a virtual environment, providing expertise and input on the training of speakers, Bargaining Unit and District leaders and members regarding the effective chairing meetings.

Requirements include the ability to chair a minimum of two meetings every school year, a willingness to engage in ongoing training, and the ability to secure release time (paid for by the provincial office) to attend meetings and participate in training.

Qualifications of this position include an interest in and knowledge of OSSTF/FEESO Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and preferably previous experience in successfully chairing meetings at the workplace, Bargaining Unit, District, and/or community level.

Successful candidates, if they have not already successfully completed a course in parliamentary procedures, will be required to do so (paid for by the provincial office).

Speaker Bank Members are appointed by the Provincial Executive for a term of three years, with the possibility of renewals and may be removed by the Provincial Executive. Members will receive training from Provincial Office and must be available, when invited and when possible, to be a Speaker at Provincial Council, at AMPA and/or at District or Bargaining Unit Annual General Meetings. Provincial Councillors are not eligible to be a member of the OSSTF/FEESO Parliamentary Speaker Bank.

OSSTF/FEESO values the participation of members with different voices from lived experiences. We recognize that selecting candidates for federation positions from members of equity-seeking groups is an asset. Self-identification of membership in equity-seeking group(s) is voluntary. If an applicant chooses to self-identify, please let us know any that apply:

  • Woman
  • Racialized Person
  • FNMI (First Nations, Métis, Inuit)
  • Person with a Disability
  • Francophone

The deadline for application is November 30, 2020. Interested candidates are to submit, via mail, email, or fax, (1) a letter of application describing the applicant’s interest and experience in chairing meetings and parliamentary procedures, (2) a resume or curriculum vitae, and (3) a letter of reference from an elected/appointed OSSTF/FEESO District/Bargaining Unit Representative.

Please direct submissions and inquiries to Randy Banderob, OSSTF/FEESO 49 Mobile Drive, North York, ON M4A 1H5; Fax: 416-751-7079; email: Randy Banderob.

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