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Education Week 2021

illustration of a variety of diverse people standing and talking in a park

The theme for OSSTF/FEESO Education Week May 3–7, 2021 is ‘Learning is a journey from Kindergarten to Post-Secondary.’ The Provincial Executive encourages you to recognize members’ work on behalf of students, whether working in a university or in elementary, middle, or secondary school environments.

This year, OSSTF/FEESO has created five animations for you to post during Education Week. They follow the education journey through five stages to highlight some of the great work that our members perform every day.

The first day focuses on the elementary panel and the education workers, providing the necessary support that students may encounter during their journey from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The other four days focus on middle school, secondary school, post-secondary education, and lastly, how the skills students learn in Ontario’s publicly-funded education system assist them in their adult lives.

The animations were created in both English and French and are available via this link.

We encourage you to post the animations on your own social media channels and share them with your fellow members.

We know, after the year we’ve had that members deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work; we also understand that local leaders have been pushed to the limits of their capacity, so the following are suggestions only for those who are able. You can acknowledge Education Week and celebrate educators’ work by writing a letter to the administration, to a board of governors, to trustees, or the editor of a local media outlet. You can also reach out to your members through email to commend and celebrate their work.

Thank you for your contributions and for being there for our students.

1 Comment on Education Week 2021

  1. Christine Marie McInnes // May 3, 2021 at 10:13 am // Reply

    Thank you for acknowledging and validating the work of all education workers. I really appreciated seeing my role being recognized during Education Week. Nice videos!

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