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Student Vote Ontario 2022

Young women voting

OSSTF/FEESO has been a long-standing supporter of the Student Vote initiative which is a program of CIVIX – a national charity dedicated to strengthening democracy through civic education.

Student Vote uses the election as a teachable moment and enables teachers to bring democracy alive in the classroom. This hands-on learning program empowers students to learn about democracy, levels of government, political views and political parties, and the election process.

Students experience the voting process firsthand and cast ballots for the official candidates running in the election.

The Student Vote program is flexible and adaptable to any grade or course. They provide free learning materials such as lesson plans (in print and digital formats), videos, slides, and interactive tools. This year, they have included more activities to reach learners in Academic only or de-streamed classes, as well as new lessons centered around themes of perspective and pluralism.

Why not invite them to your school?


Registration for Student Vote Ontario 2022 is now open at: https://studentvote.ca/registration/

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