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How to log into myOSSTF/maFEESO Service on the Provincial Website

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The myOSSTF/maFEESO service on the provincial website is available to active Members. This is a Members-only service delivered through the provincial website that gives Members of OSSTF/FEESO access to documents and resources that are not available to the public.

If Members are having difficulty accessing the myOSSTF/maFEESO portal after attempting the password reset process, they can contact Membership Database by:

Phone: 416-751-8300 or 1-800-267-7867

Email: membership.database@osstf.ca

Tutorial Videos – How to Access myOSSTF/maFEESO

Members are strongly encouraged to connect or reconnect to the myOSSTF/maFEESO portal through the provincial website. Copies of Bargaining Bulletins, District/Bargaining Unit memos, and other important Member-only resources are in this section of the website.

Members can reach the myOSSTF/maFEESO section of the website by logging in to the provincial website through the Member Login page.

In addition, there is a new Self-Serve Retrieval of Member ID feature affording the ability for members (active or inactive) to retrieve their OSSTF/FEESO Member ID. Emails sent to GetMyMemberID@osstf.ca will compare the sending email address and, only when a unique match is found, will return an automated response containing the OSSTF/FEESO Member ID. Emails that are shared among members will not work as the email address is not unique to a particular member.

Members should verify that we have their non-employer personal email on file so that we can send information and news occasionally. Active Members can update or add their personal email address to our database two ways:

  • Click the “my profile” badge on the Registered Users landing page, or
  • In myOSSTF/maFEESO by going to the My Profile tab at the top.

Inactive Members can update or add their personal email address by clicking the “my profile” badge on the Registered Users landing page.

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