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Canadian Teachers’ Federation National Letter Writing Campaign—Pan-Canadian School Food Program

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) has launched a national letter-writing campaign to advocate for the federal government to include funding for a pan-Canadian school food program in the next budget. Members are encouraged to participate in this campaign, and to share it with friends, family, and colleagues.

Canada is the only G7 country without a national school food program and is among the world’s top 10 wealthiest countries; and yet, millions of students are going to school hungry and under nourished. This needs to change. Regardless of geography or family income, every child deserves access to healthy and nutritious meals at school.

Members can send a letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Federal Minister of Finance to include a Pan-Canadian School Food Program in the next Federal Budget by visiting the campaign website before the budget is tabled on Tuesday, April 16. The letter campaign is available in English and French.

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