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OSSTF/FEESO Central Bargaining Update: Summary Videos on the 2022–2026 Education Worker Central Agreement

As reported in recent Bargaining Bulletins, OSSTF/FEESO completed the Voluntary Binding Interest Arbitration hearing for the Education Worker 2022–2026 collective agreement on April 13, 2024. The information that follows only applies to education worker members in the school board sector. We have not yet received an arbitrated decision for teacher and occasional teacher members’ collective agreement. We expect that decision in the coming weeks.

At the arbitration hearing for the Education Worker 2022–2026 collective agreement, OSSTF/FEESO argued that previous education worker agreements negotiated by other education unions failed to address the growing staffing issues in Ontario’s public schools and did not work for our membership. Our position was supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence that suppressed wages are driving a severe education worker recruitment and retention crisis across Ontario.

The Crown and the Council of Trustees Association argued that OSSTF/FEESO should receive the same compensation as other education worker unions accepted, despite the staffing crisis worsening after those unions negotiated their deals in 2022 and 2023.

The Chair of the Board of Arbitration accepted the Government and Council of Trustees Association arguments, and so OSSTF/FEESO education workers’ 2022–2026 collective agreement replicates the compensation terms set out in previous agreements with other education worker unions. The OSSTF/FEESO nominee to the Board of Arbitration wrote a substantive and forceful dissent to the Chair’s decision.

A series of short videos have been produced and posted on the Voluntary Binding Interest Arbitration page on the provincial website, which provides information about the interest arbitration decision and the 2022-2026 education worker collective agreement, including the gains we made in the agreement regarding improvements to the health and safety language, specialized job class language, and a commitment for the parties to investigate an education worker Provincial LTD plan.

Education worker members can login to the provincial website to watch the videos. Members who have not set up an account can go to the LOGIN page for instructions.

Bargaining Bulletins are available on the myOSSTF section of the OSSTF/FEESO website. Please check myOSSTF for updates.


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