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Education Week

Detail of Education Week poster

The theme for OSSTF/FEESO Education Week May 6 to 10, 2019 is ‘Public Education is for Everyone.’ This year, more than ever, it will be important for our members to recognize Education Week and to get involved in some of the activities that we are planning during OSSTF/FEESO’s 100th Anniversary year. Teachers and Education Workers should be proud to highlight their work in their neighbourhoods and in their communities.

OSSTF/FEESO has developed an “Education Week Tool Kit,” and we encourage you to get involved and take on some of the initiatives that are planned. Some of the recommended activities that you can undertake during Education Week are:

  • Post a picture of yourself on social media holding our “#NoCutsToEducation” poster, which is available from your branch Presidents or local District office. Remember to hashtag #osstf, #NoCutsToEducation, #onpoli, #onted, #edchat
  • Tweet, retweet and share our messages at 11:00 a.m., every day of Education Week, to create a “Thunderclap” effect on Twitter and on Facebook. If every Education Worker tweets and posts on Facebook at the same time, our messages of “Here for Students” and “#NoCutstoEducation” will trend on social media and be seen by millions of people. Tweets and posts for social media will be outlined for members closer to Education Week.
  • Create a series of in-school announcements to remind students and administration how our members go beyond the normal expectations of their job by coaching, mentoring, after-school tutoring, organizing school trips, running after school tech projects (building cars, etc.), participating in community events and volunteering with youth. By highlighting these great many activities, we can show how significantly Education Workers contribute to the education, well-being and citizenship of our students.
  • Display our “I am a public education worker and I am Here for Students” sign in the window of your home, on your garage, on your lawn or on your front door. These signs are for display during Education Week and beyond as we continue to stand up against cuts to education. These signs will be available from your OSSTF/FEESO District Office after April 26.
  • Ask your District for a #NoCutsToEducation bumper sticker, available after April 26.
  • Post and retweet/share our videos of Education Workers speaking about their contributions to students and education.

Things that you can do now:

  • Send a letter to your MPP insisting that they vote against cuts to education.
  • Sign on to the Hereforstudents.ca site and post or share it on social media.
  • Talk to your neighbours, friends and family, parents and people in your community about our ‘Here for Students.ca website and why #NoCutsToEducation is important.
  • Wear Red for Ed in your schools on the designated day in your region and take a picture of your staff to post on social media with the #NoCutsToEducation #onpoli #onted #osstf and #edchat hashtags.
  • Be your Bargaining Unit representative on your school’s parent council.
  • Attend your local and provincial rallies.
  • Ask your union how you can help spread the word in your District.

Thank you for your contributions and for being there for our students. You are important to them and to furthering and advancing the cause of Public Education in Ontario.

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