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District/Bargaining Unit office managers visit provincial office for training

Group shot of those who attended managers training.

For many OSSTF/FEESO members, the first voice they may hear when they call their District or Bargaining Unit office is that of their local office manager. These important front-line staff provide a valuable service to local members and the local leadership every day.

OSSTF/FEESO recently invited District and Bargaining Unit office managers to Provincial Office in Toronto for two days of training to help them better support their local leadership team and local members. More than twenty office managers attended the training session.

The office managers received training in a number of areas, including release time procedures, general office administration strategies, funding and accounting issues, information technology, and the structure of OSSTF/FEESO, to name a few.

They were also given a tour of Provincial Office and were able to meet many of the provincial level staff with whom they frequently coordinate activities and administration.

Provincial Office will continue to work with District and Bargaining Unit office managers to help improve the level of service OSSTF/FEESO provides to members and local leaders. We thank those who were able to attend this latest training session in Toronto, and thank all of our local office managers for the service they provide to the Federation.

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