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2019 audit at a glance

Image of a chart graph showing the dollar amounts spent

$15,347,801              30.6%

District Funding Master rebates, PD (including workplace representative training and new member workshops), Union Training, Inter-district Meetings, Supplemental Time Release for Small Bargaining Units, Involving the Not Yet Engaged, Community Outreach, Special Political Action Programs, District Coalitions, Labour College, Mapping and Mobilization, District Environmental Funding, Local Climate Change Initiatives, District WSIB premiums, Human Rights Initiatives and Member Accessibility funding.

$3,851,822                7.7%

Teacher Certification, Mediation Services, Federation Library, Member Training Modules, French Language Committee, Educational Services Committee, Status of Women Committee, Human Rights Committee, Faculty of Education Work Group, Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People Workshop, Cognitive Science and Learning Workshop, Professional Colleges in Education Campaign Corporate Intrusion in Public Education, Resource Books, and a portion of staff salaries and benefits.

$10,919,668              21.8%

Protective Services Committee, protective services materials and research, Health and Safety/WSIA, Pension Advisory Work Group, LTD Advisory Work Group, ELHT Advisory Work Groups, Organizing, Legal Costs, Grievances, and a portion of staff salaries and benefits.

$3,821,970                7.6%

Publications including Update and Education Forum, Advertising, Communications Political Action Committee, political action materials, training and lobbying, Charter for Public Education, coalition memberships, Lobby Day, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Advisory Work Group, Equity Advisory Mentorship Program, Communications Training, awards and international assistance, and a portion of staff salaries and benefits.

$6,575,095                 13.1%

Annual Meeting (AMPA), Summer Training Workshop, Provincial Council, Conferences, OTF, CLC, and OFL Memberships, OTF Board of Governors, National/International programs, Provincial Office functions, Benevolent Council, Judicial Council, Parliamentary and Constitution Council, Finance Committee, Financial Workshops, Active Retired Members Council, Equity Advisory Work Group, Governance Review Work Group, Emerging University Issues Work Group, Subject Associations, Environmental Work Group, New Member Engagement Initiatives and Advisory Work Group, Amalgamating/Merging Bargaining Unit Work Group and a portion of staff salaries and benefits.

$2,075,765                  4.1%
Provincial Executive meetings, allowances for affiliations and conventions, field services and expenses, and salaries and benefits (including transportation) for the elected members of the Provincial Executive.

$7,559,680                  15.1%
Provincial office (realty taxes, insurance, utilities, security and repairs and maintenance), Information Services, Telecommunications, Membership Database, Professional fees, General Office Expenses, Secretariat Field Services and Expenses, Staff Training, Translation services, and a portion of staff salaries and benefits.

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