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Teacher/Occasional Teacher members: Get the salary you deserve


All teacher/occasional teacher members of OSSTF/FEESO should have a Category Rating Statement (CRS) in their possession. This is the document that ensures you receive grid pay for teaching assignments—both Permanent and Long Term Occasional positions.

Every school board in the province will place a new salaried teacher at lowest level (Category A if you do not have a university degree, A1 if you have a degree) as a default position upon hire. But the vast majority of teachers can be placed in, and receive the salary of, a higher Category rating—either Category A2, A3, or A4. Every school board in the province will then place you at that higher Category level based on the CRS produced by Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO).

Evaluations are done by the QECO as a free service for all OSSTF/FEESO members who are in good standing with the OCT, including day-to-day supply teachers. If you are a daily occasional teacher on the OT Roster and you do not have a CRS, you should go to the QECO website and sign in or register. The application process is all online. Having a CRS in hand means that you will receive grid pay from the first day of any LTO position that you may obtain with no delay or effort required to chase retroactive pay for the assignment.

Too many members never engage with QECO to have their academic or trade backgrounds evaluated for pay purposes. Others fail to get re-evaluated when they achieve new credentials that would lead to a higher Category rating. The attainable goal of all teacher members should be to get to a Category A4 placement as quickly, efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible. QECO upgrading advice assists in that planning.

QECO has recently made changes to its regulations. Teachers of Technological Education who now receive a B.Ed. Degree can be placed in Category A3, for example. Additionally, for General Education teachers, there are more options to move up to A4 than OSSTF/FEESO Certification had in the past.

Not in Category A4 yet?
Changes over time occur with the ongoing recognition of new acceptable academic institutions, both domestic and abroad; changes that affect the acceptability of some course providers; changes with the increase in Additional Qualification course providers; and some legislative changes that can all have an influence on teachers’ upgrading routes.

  • QECO strongly urges all who have not yet reached Category A4 to formally apply for upgrading advice or for re-evaluation on a yearly basis to ensure they are following the most expedient route to a higher category.
  • Applying for upgrading advice can only be of advantage to a teacher; it will never be of harm.
  • QECO/OSSTF upgrading advice never “expires.” We will always honour it.

Members are encouraged to apply for rating statements and category changes as soon as possible, keeping in mind the deadlines that apply at their respective school board.

If you have questions about your evaluation, speak with QECO first.
If you require advocacy, contact your local OSSTF/FEESO District office.

For more information, contact QECO at 416-323-1969 or info@qeco.ca, or visit their website.

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