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Tool-Kit combating anti-Black Racism Workshop: A Tool-Kit for Educators

Parents of Black Children Presents (PoBC)…The Tool-Kit Combating Anti-Black Racism Workshop: A Tool-Kit for Educators—Saturday, October 30, 2021, @ 1 p.m.

Available in both English and French, PoBC’s Combating Anti-Black Racism Educators Tool-Kit provides a context for rich, culturally reflective critical thinking, talking points for those who may question the existence of systemic racism, and a list of texts that you can use to build your knowledge as you actively seek to be a collaborator in the struggle for justice and equity for all students.

During this workshop, you will “lean into your growing edge” as you

  • Review anti-racist theory and praxis
  • Learn about anti-oppressive teaching, and learning practices
  • Work with your peers to assess and revise the curriculum through a culturally responsive lens
  • Identify three goals as next steps to accomplish throughout this school year

As the mandate of PoBC is to support Black children, the Combating Anti-Black Racism Educators Tool-Kit aims to help you examine the critical role played by educators in the lives and educational trajectory of Black students.

By participating in this workshop, you will become more cognizant of your biases, and you will continue the work to reject anti-Black racism wherever it exists within your circles of influence. This toolkit is an invaluable resource to help deepen your anti-oppressive, culturally responsive pedagogy.

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