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OSSTF/FEESO Strategic Action Plan 2022-2023: Organizing for Better Schools, Stronger Communities

OSSTF/FEESO Strategic Action Plan 2022-2023

The following is a summary of the OSSTF/FEESO Strategic Action Plan 2022-2023, which will be presented at AMPA 2022 for discussion and approval.

The Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for 2022-2023 will set the Federation on a course that will, over time, transform how we interact and engage with our communities. It will change the way we present ourselves in our communities and broaden the understanding that the issues we defend at the bargaining table are core community issues. Over the past several rounds of bargaining, we have observed an increased emphasis on the benefits of developing relationships with community partners, parents, and stakeholder groups. Sharing information and working in the community’s interests must be a priority of the Federation moving forward.

As Education Workers, union activists, and defenders of public education, our strategic approach must be centred on cultivating an environment that supports our effort to influence political dynamics in Ontario. The strategic vision of the plan is developed with one long-term goal in mind: to create a plan that will foster relationships between organizations, groups, communities, and OSSTF/FEESO to grow a more fair, just, and equitable society together.

If approved, the 2022-2023 Strategic Action plan will place organizational focus on the long-term value that community organizing brings to supporting our organizational priorities.

It is important to note that we are already doing incredible work in our communities and have been for many years. As we work towards enhancing and more effectively channeling this work to serve our larger organizational aspirations, we must consider how, when, and through what medium we can promote the work we are doing in and for our communities. We want our work to be recognized, visible, and attributed to OSSTF/FEESO and its members. The responsibility for this must be shared, locally driven, and supported to ensure it becomes part of our permanent culture.

Programs Continuing—Evaluation and Next Steps

Anti-Racism/Equity Training

Last year saw the beginning of several equity action items, including the provision of a time and space for equity-seeking and sovereignty-seeking members to caucus at all provincial conferences and regionals, the creation of a Black Persons and Persons of Colour Advisory Work Group, anti-racism training, and equity training as permanent components at Presidents’ Symposium.

AMPA 2021 approved OSSTF/FEESO’s Action Plan to Support Equity, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Oppression. The Strategic Action Plan provides a framework for our equity work and is a living document and subject to review and modification. Our equity work is supported by a provincial Equity Officer, a provincial In-House Equity Team, an Equity Advisory Work Group, and an In-House Equity Work Group.

Mental Health First Aid

The plan is to provide Mental Health First Aid Training to all Bargaining Unit Presidents and time-release members. There is recognition that this training is needed by local presidents and time-release officers now more than ever. While some plan components have been delayed, local leaders can access the MHFA training using funding from the 2015 Account. The plans for 2021-2022 will be that the remaining approved candidates complete the instructor training. All provincial office secretariat will be trained in Mental Health First Aid, and three (3) in-person Mental Health First Aid regional training sessions will be offered. See Appendix A for further details.

Towards 2022—Building for an Education Friendly Government and Official Opposition.

Early in the school year of 2022-23, the election organizers will continue to work with local bargaining units and districts to promote our Education Platform and promote the best candidates for election as municipal councilors and school board trustees. On an as needed basis, time release will be made available to the Election Organizers, and training will be provided at the Presidents’ Symposium 2022 to assist in planning for our involvement in the municipal and trustee elections.

Other programs continuing:

  • Bargaining Unit Executive Meetings and Record Keeping
  • District/Bargaining Unit I.T. Environments
  • Grievance Arbitration Model


This Strategic Action Plan, Organizing for Better Schools, Stronger Communities, will move OSSTF/FEESO towards a long-term strategic direction that, when implemented, will have significant transformational value as we seek to partner with and garner support from our communities to defend publicly funded education together. Through consultation with internal and external stakeholders, a plan will be developed to reflect the unique environments throughout our communities in Ontario. As we work together to shine a brighter light on our members’ valued role in their communities, we will entrench the critical value a publicly funded education system has in our communities and, by extension, the role our members play in protecting and improving it.

2 Comments on OSSTF/FEESO Strategic Action Plan 2022-2023: Organizing for Better Schools, Stronger Communities

  1. Thank you for continuing to advocate for our schools and our members. As a special education teacher of developmental students there has to be an increased advocacy for de teachers. Through this pandemic myself and my colleagues were asked to do unbelievably unsafe teaching with unmasked students, we were forced to go to work when our colleagues did not have to attend on sight but our colleagues were told it was unsafe for them and their students to be at school. Further we continue to have to work with students that are very violent and a safety plan is our only recourse. Bring us to the table. We need more support as we head into your action plan for future education needs.

  2. Greetings Executive and fellow OSSTF Members:

    Most recently I have been serving on local Community Organizations, while over the past 25 years I have had the honour of serving on five OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Committees.

    I am anxious to hear the results of the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for 2022-2023, in particularly the Building for an Education Friendly Government and Official Opposition. Without being specific, I have real concerns about spending the next four years led by the Ford Government.

    Please keep me up-to-date on decisions made at AMPA.
    Thanks for your contribution to a better education for all…/Gibb McKay

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