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Update on Bill C-8 – Eligible educator school supply tax credit

Tax bill and forms

The latest update on this issue is that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is processing tax returns for those who illustrate “financial hardship”, for more information see the following CBC article from May 3, 2022: Following complaints, CRA offers reprieve for some educators with tax refunds stuck in limbo.

The article says impacted teachers can contact the CRA at 1-800-959-8281. We believe that this would apply to all education workers who are eligible to claim the School Supply Tax Credit. Bill C-8 is now being debated in the Senate. An FAQ, created by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, was shared with local leaders and members in D/BU Memo #216 which can be accessed through the myOSSTF portal.

216 – Attach 1 – An Update on Bill C8 Impact on Teachers and Educators

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