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May 28 for OSSTF/FEESO’s ‘Winning Weekend’

community winning weekend

Join us on Saturday, May 28 for events across the province for the OSSTF/FEESO ‘Winning Weekend’.

Electing a government that respects education workers and teachers and recognizes that now is not the time for cuts to education has never been more important. OSSTF/FEESO members, staff, and the Provincial Executive must work together to make changes that will positively impact our students, our working conditions, and society.

On this Winning Weekend, we ask you to commit to taking three actions:

  • Get involved in your community canvasses – it’s fun. You can spend a day outside talking to your neighbours about the importance of electing an education-friendly government. Bring friends!
  • Hold an education information picket in your District.
  • Bring 2 or 3 friends canvassing or to a local election event with you.
  • Join a nearby community event where there may be a larger action where you can make a difference.
  • Hold a neighbourhood barbecue and talk to people about public services and the Ford government’s privatization agenda.
  • Do a literature drop.
  • Help a candidate make phone calls.
  • Encourage people to get out and vote.
  • Join a local action in your community that is committed to defeating the Ford government.
  • Work with your election organizers to canvass or hold an event.
  • Work with local student groups to canvass or hold an event.
  • Donate to your local candidate.

There are many ways to get involved and create the change we need to defeat Ford. The Provincial Executive is committed to providing funding to assist all Districts to mobilize and engage our members to get involved and take an active role in this important election.

Whatever you choose to do, you can make a difference.


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