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JUMP Math Pilot 2023 – Call for Participants


OSSTF/FEESO is soliciting members interested in participating in a pilot of the grade 9 JUMP Math program for Spring 2023.

JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies) Math is a charitable organization whose mission it is to help every student succeed in math using its evidence-based teacher and student resources.

Procedure for Application:

1. Members wishing to participate in the grade 9 JUMP Math pilot should be expecting to be teaching Grade 9 math in Spring 2023.

2. Members should complete the application no later than Monday October 31, 2022.

10 members will be selected from amongst the applicants and will be informed of their selection to participate in the pilot prior to January 2023. Members will be selected with consideration of the needs of the pilot, diverse representation, and geographical distribution.

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