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Educational Services Presenter Application Form Advocacy to Activism, Classroom Management OR Managing Conflict Workshops

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OSSTF/FEESO is inviting applications from members to be a presenter within the Educational Services Department for the following three workshops:

  1. Advocacy to Activism
  2. Classroom Management, Teacher / Occasional Teacher
  3. Managing Conflict


This workshop offers educators the opportunity to move beyond their introductory understanding of equity issues by examining power/privilege/oppression, intersectionality, and social justice activism. Participants will be provided with practical strategies for assessing situations for inequities and identify resources/ supports across the education sector to implement meaningful change.


Effective classroom management skills are essential in providing a positive and secure environment where students can achieve their potential. Participants will learn practical strategies for creating a positive learning environment and will have opportunities to address some of the behaviours they face. The workshops for OTs and those in Early Years address the unique challenges that each group faces in dealing with classroom management.


Conflict resolution skills are an important component of effective interpersonal relationships. During this workshop participants will examine the sources of conflict that can occur between/among colleagues in the workplace, understand the reasons for addressing conflicts, and explore a three-step approach for managing them.

While time release for all training and workshop dates are paid for by Provincial Office, applicants should verify with their local President that there are no restrictions for time release for the Bargaining Unit. Successful trainees must be able to obtain time release from their employer to assist in the delivery of workshops offered across the province.

The presenter training for the workshops will take place November 2 and 3, 2022 in Toronto. Successful applicants are expected to attend this training session, with all costs for travel, lodging, and food covered by OSSTF/FEESO.

Members who are selected to participate in presenter training for OSSTF/FEESO are provided time to review materials for the workshop they will deliver.

Bargaining Unit Presidents may be contacted regarding any individuals being considered as potential trainees. Individuals who are selected to participate in the training will be notified, along with their Bargaining Unit President, following approval by the Provincial Executive.

OSSTF/FEESO values the participation of members with different voices from lived experiences. We recognize that the selection of candidates for Federation positions from members of equity-seeking groups is an asset. Self-identification of membership in equity- seeking group(s) is voluntary. If you choose to self-identify, please let us know on the application form any that apply to you.

Local leaders are asked to draw this information to the attention of all OSSTF/FEESO members.

Applications may be completed here. Completed applications, are to be submitted by the deadline of 4pm October 5, 2022.

A. Identification

B. Expertise – Please list below examples of your appropriate training and demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter. Please check the workshop for which you are applying.

C. Experience

Voluntary Self-Identification Form

OSSTF/FEESO values the participation of members with various lived experiences. Self-identification of membership in First Nations, Metis, Inuit or equity-seeking group(s) is voluntary. The collection of demographic information is one of the priorities outlined in the Action Plan to Support Equity, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Oppression. This data will help in accountability, measurement and tracking. Your response is voluntary, and you may skip any question you do not wish to answer. The storage and use of this data will not be tied to identifying information.

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