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Call for writers for the AMPA Newsletter Team

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With the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA) scheduled to be held in person from Saturday, March 11 to Monday, March 13, the AMPA Newsletter is returning! Over the course of the three-day event the AMPA Newsletter Team produces six issues that informs the hundreds of delegates and observers of items and issues related to the event.

We are looking for three to four members to volunteer to work on the team in the following capacities:

  • Editor – assigns articles, oversees the creative element of the publication, and edits its content.
  • Writer(s) – interviews, reports and writes articles for the publication.
  • Photographer – Captures and produces images to accompany articles in the publication.

Costs for travel, accommodation, meals and any necessary release time will be covered by the Provincial Office.

These positions are for members who are NOT delegates or alternates to AMPA. You CANNOT be a delegate or alternate to AMPA and hold a position on the AMPA Newsletter Team.

Bargaining Unit Presidents will be contacted regarding any individuals who are being considered to ensure that time release is possible if necessary.

Applications can be submitted up to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 19, 2023. Any questions can be addressed by email to Randy Banderob (Randy.Banderob@osstf.ca).

If you are interested, please use the online application process below:

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