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The Student Safety Plan (SSP)

school safety plan

What is a Student Safety Plan (SSP)?

It is a plan developed for a student whose behaviour poses an ongoing risk to themselves, students, or education workers. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the education worker in dealing with specific problem behaviours. The development of a SSP involves all education workers who work on an ongoing basis with a student, parents, and community representatives working with the student (Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario).

What can be included in a SSP?

Some of the recommended items that should be included in a SSP:

  1. A description of the observable behaviours;
  2. Triggers or antecedents for those behaviours;
  3. Prevention/intervention strategies to support workers and student safety;
  4. Communication procedures for education workers (teaching and non-teaching); and
  5. Emergency communication procedures for all education workers (Government of Ontario, 2022).

When should it be reviewed?

School boards should consider updating a SSP:

  1. when there is a change in behaviour that could increase the potential for violence;
  2. when there is a violent incident involving a student; and
  3. at least annually (Government of Ontario, 2022).

Board procedures should be in place to ensure that the SSP is accessible to all education workers.

Robert R. Deonarine is the Vice-President of the District 19 Peel Teachers’ Bargaining Unit (TBU)

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